Can You Cut Wood with an Oscillating Tool?

Published February 27th, 2023

can you cut wood with an oscillating tool

The oscillating multi tool is a multipurpose electric tool for cutting, sanding, grinding, and scratching. Because of its innovative construction, this tool is popular among do-it-yourselfers and experts for producing clean cuts in confined spots. 

The question of whether or not can you cut wood with an oscillating tool is a common one. In this article, we’ll discuss this subject extensively and the many applications for using an oscillating tool for cutting wood if you’re a woodworker, contractor, or DIY Expert.

What is an Oscillating Tool?

An oscillating tool is a portable energy tool that swings a blade or other accessories back and forward between rapidly and repeatedly. Because of its oscillating action, this tool is excellent for producing clean cuts in places other tools can’t access. Blades like Finger Rasp Oscillating Tool Blade for Grout, sanding pads, and other accessories may be used with the tool due to its adaptability.

Can You Cut Wood with an Oscillating Tool?

An oscillating tool may be used to make clean cuts in wood. Because of its precision cutting and compact design, an oscillating tool is a great woodworking tool. Using the right blade for the job is essential, and that will vary according to the variety and cut you’re making.

What is the Best Oscillating Tool Blade for Cutting Wood?

Choosing the right blade might be tricky when dealing with wood. Nonetheless, the process is straightforward. Although factors like the blade’s metal’s density and tensile strength must be considered throughout the shearing and trimming processes.

It is not uncommon to find regular wood cutting oscillating tool blades at the stores that only last a few cuts before you have to move on to the next blade. This can be a regular occurrence if you buy the cheapest blades you can find.

The Best Oscillating Blade for Cutting Wood That Actually Lasts

WonderBlade Oscillating Tool Blades Universal Fit

There are many oscillating tool blades that you buy that cut decently on the first use, but what you’ll tend to find is that typical metal oscillating tool blades will not last after a few cuts, and if you’re a contractor and are removing a 2×4 with screws inside, a regular metal blade will be toast.

Here at WonderBlade, have a General Purpose Oscillating Tool Blade that cuts through wood and screws many times over and has been rated the best oscillating tool blades in the nation, you can check it out here.

Safety Tips for Cutting Wood with an Oscillating Tool

Cutting wood with an oscillating tool poses risks if the operator is not careful. If you’re going to be cutting wood using an oscillating tool, here are some precautions you should take:

  • Keep your eyes safe from dust and other particles by wearing safety goggles.
  • If you want to avoid breathing in sawdust, use a dust mask.
  • Don’t touch the blade with your hands or fingers.
  • Avoid driving the blade too deeply into the wood. Put your trust in the tool to perform the cutting for you.

What is the Importance of an Oscillating Tool for Cutting Wood?

Due to their adaptability in cutting, sanding, and sharpening, oscillating tools have recently increased in popularity among woodworkers. An oscillating tool might be a woodworker’s best friend when making precise cuts in wood. Cutting wood using an oscillating tool is helpful because it allows for clean, accurate cuts in areas other saws can’t get.

Because of the tool’s oscillating action, cutting is more consistent and less likely to result in splinters or fragments. In addition, oscillating tools’ adaptability to different woodcutting tasks is enhanced by their replaceable blades. Because of its many uses and high level of accuracy, an oscillating tool is a must-have for every serious woodworker.

How to Use an Oscillating Tool to Cut Wood?

Using an oscillating tool to cut wood is simple and quick. The procedure is as follows:

Choose the Appropriate Blade

Choosing a blade designed for the wood variety you’re working with is essential, and the precise shape of the cut you want to create is essential. As was previously said, there are many options for wood-cutting blades, but our High-Strength Oscillating Tool Blade outlasts any other oscillating tool blade you’ll find at any store.

Set the Mark

Use a pencil or marker to draw a boundary line on the wood. You may use this to produce a clean cut.

Attach the Blade

Attach the blade to the oscillating tool by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure the blade is tight and in the right place.

Turn the Oscillating Multi Tool On

To begin cutting, activate the oscillating tool and ensure it functions normally.

Make the Cut

Cutting along the dotted line should be done slowly and cautiously. Remember that the tool cuts with an oscillating motion, let it do the work for you. To prevent damaging the wood, only a slight pressure should be used.

Sand Down the Corners and Edges (if needed)

After you have made your cut with the oscillating multi tool, make sure to turn the tool off and if you’re using a corded one, make sure to unplug it once you are done using it for the day. 

Then use a sanding attachment or sanding paper to sand down the edges or corners (if necessary).

What Are the Benefits of Using an Oscillating Tool to Cut Wood?

Compared to traditional saws, there are many benefits of using an oscillating tool for cutting wood. The high degree of accuracy it provides is a significant plus. Because of its high-speed oscillation action, the oscillating tool is excellent for cutting complex woodwork.

The adaptability of an oscillating tool makes it ideal for various woodworking tasks. Switching between different blades allows an oscillating tool to make anything from clean cuts to notches and curves in wood. 

The ability to easily change blades makes this valuable equipment for various tasks in the woodworking industry.

Cutting Wood with an Oscillating Tool: Final Thoughts

As a woodworker, contractor, or DIY Expert, you may find that an oscillating tool is an invaluable addition to your collection of tools. Inaccessible locations may be sliced cleanly using it. 

If you have the correct blade, cutting through any obstacle is simple. 

This is the greatest tool to utilize for quick and easy tasks. Nonetheless, if you sometimes deal with relatively tiny pieces of wood, it’s still a good idea to keep this tool on hand.

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