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WonderBlade™ offers one of the best oscillating tool blades in the industry. Made to last and help you save time and money on the jobsite or at the house.

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of Blades that Constantly Wear Out?

Here at WonderBlade™, we understand the frustration of constantly trying to cut a piece of wood, a small piece of metal, or do a finishing touch to get the job done, and only for the blade the give out! 

Then you have to go back and figure out which blade to put back on, change out the blade, spend more time, etc., etc.

Which is why we have dedicated ourselves to making quality oscillating tool blades, that not only get the job done, but are also built to last. 

Want a great all around oscillating tool blade for cutting wood and screws that actually last? Check out our Carbide Oscillating Tool Blade!

Got Tougher Projects to Tackle?

No Problem

Aside from using an oscillating multi tool to cut through materials in difficult areas, another tool you may use often is an angle grinder. With the angle grinder, there is the hassle of switching blades for different materials and constant blade replacement.

Not with our state of the art ToughGrit™ Diamond Blade! This blade for angle grinders is designed for longevity and is built to cut through not only metal, but fiber cement, porcelain tile, brick, and more!

Oscillating Tool Blades:

What are They?

Multi-tool blades, also known as oscillating tool blades, or oscillating multi-tool blades are attachments for oscillating power tools (also known as oscillating tools, or oscillating multi-tools) that are used for cutting, sanding, and scraping various materials. 

They are designed to fit onto the tool’s oscillating head and our blades have a universal fitting that allows them to be used with a wide range of different brands and models of oscillating tools including DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Makita, Rigid, and various other brands. 

Our oscillating tool blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used for tasks such as cutting wood, metal, grout, fiber cement siding, and drywall, as well as sanding and scraping surfaces.

WonderBlade oscillating blade on oscillating tool example
WonderBlade oscillating blade on oscillating tool shown

We are doing our best to keep prices at bay, please note that we are a small business, we cannot give our customers the best support and quality if we try to cut costs. By buying our products you are in support of small businesses across America!


with an Oscillating Tool and a WonderBlade™ Multi-Tool Blade from Us

An oscillating tool, also known as a multi-tool or multitool, is a super versatile tool that can help you tackle a wide range of projects with ease. Whether you’re looking to build a furniture set, or want to add some personal touches to your home, an oscillating tool with a good oscillating tool blade from WonderBlade™ can help you do it all. 

An oscillating tool can be used for cutting, grinding, and scraping small areas that can be difficult to reach with a regular saw, thus, allowing you to create smooth surfaces and intricate designs. 

Imagine the possibilities! You can sand down rough edges, cut through different materials like a pro, grind and shape metal or stone surfaces, scrape away old adhesive or caulk, and even give your metal, plastic or wood surfaces a high shine. It’s like having a personal handyman in your toolbox! 

This tool can be used for projects like cutting out drywall, removing grout, cutting pipes, and scraping off old paint. 

With the many different attachments available for different materials here at WonderBlade™, an oscillating tool can be used for a wide range of projects, making it a valuable tool if you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, home builder, plumber, electrician, or home improvement contractor!

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